Are you considering replacing your roof, siding, or windows? You may want to have a professional come and inspect your property first for any potential storm damage that may have occurred. Storm damage may be difficult to determine especially if it’s on the roof.

How to Tell When to Have a Professional Inspect Your Roof Storm Damage?

– Dents are present in either your metal flashing, “valleys,” or roof vents.

– If you find any missing shingles on the ground.

– The ridge cap may have dents present.

– If you see black or grey substrate in your shingles indicating granules have fallen off.

– If you find cracks or indentations in your shingles that give in if you push on them gently. This indicates a broken mat.

How to Tell When to Have a Professional Inspect Your Siding Storm Damage?

– Oxidation marks left on the siding after a storm.

– Denting that is found after a high-powered spotlight runs along the siding.

– Significant gaps or unequal gapping across several layers of siding are found.

– Buckling or warping is found, especially in vinyl siding that has been damaged.

Why Choose Association Reconstruction to Inspect Your Property for Potential Storm Damage?

– We offer a storm damage monitoring service where we will put your address on our storm watch radar if you choose to be. If a storm rolls through in your area, we will show up immediately to inspect your property for damage.

– Our pricing is fair and competitive.

– At Association Reconstruction, we take pride in our work and get the job done on time.

Thank you for learning more and please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss further.