Are you considering replacing your roof, siding, or windows? You may want to have a professional come and inspect your property first for any potential storm damage that may have occurred. Storm damage may be difficult to determine especially if it’s on the roof. Having a professional inspect it before replacement will help you determine if an insurance claim should be filed first. This key factor could ultimately save you from making a costly mistake by paying out-of-pocket for work that may have been covered under your insurance policy.

How to Tell When to Have a Professional Inspect Your Roof Storm Damage?

– Small dents are present in either your metal flashing, “valleys,” or roof vents.

– If you find any missing pieces of asphalt or cracks on your shingles.

– The ridge cap may have dents present.

– If you see black or grey substrate in your shingles indicating granules have fallen off.

– If you find dimples in your shingles that give in if you push on them gently.

How to Tell When to Have a Professional Inspect Your Siding Storm Damage?

– Oxidation marks left on the siding after a storm, especially aluminum or vinyl siding.

– A chalky residue is left on your hand after you run your hands along the siding.

– Denting that is found after a high-powered spotlight runs along the siding.

– Significant gaps or unequal gapping across several layers of siding are found.

– Buckling or warping is found, especially in vinyl siding that has been damaged.

Why Choose Association Reconstruction to Inspect Your Property for Potential Storm Damage?

– We offer a storm damage monitoring service where we will put your address on our storm watch radar if you choose to be. If a storm rolls through in your area, we will show up immediately to inspect your property for damage.

– Our pricing is fair and competitive.

– At Association Reconstruction, we take pride in our work and get the job done on time.

Thank you for learning more and please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss further.