Buying local makes a difference in many situations. Keeping dollars in our community makes the economy that matters the most to you grow and thrive. Healthy businesses make for healthy communities. You’ve probably heard this in the past. In fact, during the busy holiday buying season, there is an entire Saturday dedicated to buying from local businesses. But does this philosophy really apply to contractors working on your property?

Yes, for several reasons that directly impact you.

Here are some key reasons to choose local contractors.

  1. Local contractors have a reputation to maintain. They live here too. Their kids go to the same schools. They know people you know. Doing a good job and standing behind your work takes on a new meaning when it’s personal.
  2. Your money stays local and helps your community. We mentioned this above, but it’s worth stating again. Buying from local contractors, local retail shops, mom and pop restaurants all help keep our communities economy strong. The same goes for local contractors.
  3. References mean something to a local contractor. Local businesses need to maintain a great reputation to stay in business. A good or a bad review makes a difference to them.

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