Most insurance companies have a one or two year period to file claims from the date of loss so it’s important to have your property inspected if a storm rolls through. If damage did occur and you didn’t file a claim within that time frame your claim can be denied by your insurance company. Furthermore, if additional damage would occur, such as a roof leak they may not be covered. On the flip side, if you asked Association Reconstruction to inspect your property and we do not find any damage you’ll get a report for your records showing that your property is completely fine.

Major damage, such as a piece of missing siding and roof shingles is obvious to the non-trained eye. But roofing and other damage can be easily missed therefore it’s important to have a professional complete the inspection.

It’s beneficial for you to establish a working relationship with a professional storm damage restoration company prior to any damage occurring to your home. Companies such as ours, Association Reconstruction, will partner with you on our storm damage monitoring program. We subscribe to various hail and wind damage maps which help us know when we should come out and complete an inspection. Clients in our monitoring program can rest easy knowing we will be watching storm activity in the area. If an event should occur, we will send our trained experts to evaluate any damage to your property and then alert you to it.

To learn more about Association Reconstruction’s storm damage monitoring program, contact us today. This is a free service we offer, so there’s no reason to not contact us today!